The ignorance of Chinese Web2 0 website

      the current China, countless " Web2.0 site " is struggling, so, how to laugh in the river network in the end? Where do they live? Today, I to a web entrepreneur’s point of view, using the experience of many years in this industry and traditional industry marketing knowledge, analysis, hope, for we have a guide in our Chinese, Ma said: "a good experience, often say is a lie, tell the truth people often do not know what!"

      I hope I to these years of experience, the real writing website entrepreneurship and management view, also hope that someone can tell the truth at the end of the world, don’t like Donews, I don’t know where those are true and which is fake.

      Web2.0 Chinese website why easy to fail, because of ignorance, how many webmaster understand marketing, and simple marketing website, a few know China network?

      Web2.0 is actually has a clear definition, you may be all kinds of website is currently shown in the model by, Web2.0 is defined as follows: 1 – 2 using the Internet as a platform for the essence of collective wisdom — users to participate in the 3 data is the end of the next IntelInside— with the core data of the software release cycle: 4 a test version of forever 5 lightweight programming models 6 software beyond a single device 7 rich user experience see.

      Web2.0 was originally the site is a very good experience platform, but in foreign countries, Web2.0 in China, by many people to distort, a quick tool, you said the Web2.0 website can not fail?

      let us re understand the difference between Web2.0 and 1:

      let us put the concept of numerous flashy shell and packing layers stripped, after all, the Internet is actually the last two things, one is content browsing, one is human interaction. Content and people, this is the standard of distinction. Content based, that is, 1, you can rely on advertising, or content to make money to make money; to the interaction between the people, is the 2, you can rely on the game value-added services, or e-commerce to make money.

      therefore, the fundamental standard of Web2.0 should be the human relationship, which is now commonly referred to as SNS, the social relation network.

      pure 2 in china. 0 type website, if from business >

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