Online recruitment pick up behind the difference competition from the industry reshuffle

[Abstract] network recruitment company is a breakthrough in the online recruitment market differentiation, traditional recruitment company long-term accumulation of customers is still a big advantage.

Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported on August 21st

face emerging emerging markets and mobile wave, online recruitment industry has long been in silence and low tide, but in the first half of 2014, the traditional industry is once again favored by the capital market.

at the beginning of this year, Linkedin and Sequoia China, broadband capital to set up a joint venture in China; in April, headhunting network announced a new round of $70 million financing; in June, Zhaopin following future worries after the success of the United States market; in August, located in the working version of WeChat’s social networking application tenderness announces $20 million B round of financing the main, Ganji recruitment business to get $200 million financing, yesterday, attention to the field of internet job sites pull hook vertical net also announces $25 million B round of financing.

compared to online video, tourism, electricity providers and other vertical areas, the recruitment industry scale is still small, according to iResearch previous statistics, in 2015 the entire online recruitment market size of about 5 billion yuan. Zhaopin earnings data released yesterday showed that the fiscal year 2014 revenues of 1 billion 80 million yuan; the future expected revenue this year is close to 2 billion yuan.

in this context, hunting employed network, Linkedln, etc. the company also chose to break through the high-end and low-end market differentiation. But in general, the online recruitment is not a broad space to grow up and enter the capital market increment, game player will lead to more intense confrontation to compete for limited market share, the industry reshuffle will be difficult to avoid.

old and new mode of contention

compared to the new network recruitment company, the advantages of traditional recruitment company is that with the accumulation of time, more and more retained users, through the scale of the effect of advertising revenue and corporate customers to pay income. At the end of 2013, the recruitment of the total number of registered users reached 74 million 100 thousand, the number of independent employers for 335 thousand.

at present, Zhaopin market capitalization of $more than 700 million, the future market value of $2 billion 100 million. Qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin the business model is based on users and traffic exchange advertising, and from a large user base for a small proportion of paying customers, corporate clients buy services including recruitment release, display ads, and download the complete resume in the database.

however, the network chairman Xu Dandan said the Tencent (micro-blog) technology, more and more young job seekers with user China more personalized, subject to the business model, the traditional recruitment website user experience and product efficiency will suffer a great challenge in two or three years, or will face a crisis of development.

domestic newly established a number of recruitment company, including hunting recruits, LinkedIn led Britain, everyone hunting >

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