Feng Xin didn’t want to give up He wanted to win even more

Abstract: the following is the storm group, a listed company, a demon stock, a struggle in a variety of difficulties and setbacks". The front is the hope, the future is not much, if any, now, is to the heart "". Through the blade, he found that the most narrow path.

if it is not vulgar to excessive consumption, the significance is not digested, "poetry and distance" is a phrase used to decorate "storm group" CEO Feng Xin, but is the most appropriate.


began to understand the world, Feng Xin is often in poetry and distant scene, in meditation. He likes the people, things and things that are out of the way, the underground rock, the modern poetry, the moral classics, and Larry……

Larry is a character in the "blade". Maugham is the most outstanding "blade" novels. Larry’s prototype is said to be the philosopher of Austria, Wittgenstein. Larry calm calm, advocating freedom, self and the world are full of doubt. He likes to do things that seem to be meaningless, from all around. His untimely.

he’s Larry.

he is a piece of easy over the edge.


he and the world peace Larry · Feng Xin’s poem and the distance

Feng Xin

Larry is the name of English, from Maugham’s "blade".


" the inscription for the blade: "The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over, thus the wise say the path to salvation is hard." – the salvation of the so difficult, like through the narrow blade like.

In the "

" blade, Larry · Darrel (Larry Darrell) is a participated in the first World War the American pilots. He met an irish friend in the army. He usually like full of vigor and vitality in their home life and death, in a skirmish in order to save Larry and shot sacrifice. Larry of this life feel confused, do not understand why the world is evil and misfortune, which began with the change of his fantastic.

"blade" is Feng Xin’s love novels.

he doesn’t like the moon and six pence, which is too popular.

Feng Xin told me that he first read "University" in the blade. At that time everyone was obsessed with Sutter and Camus, obsessed with rock and roll on the road, as well as Fitzgerald and Wang Shuo.

is actually a bit decadent, there is only hope to see the book "blade", because he (Larry) is actually like that, but you will feel he has hope. You feel like you’re living in a bind

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