Ethics in network marketing

would like to write an article about this title. Written in Yahoo and Microsoft before the post has already mentioned a point. Recently, is relatively easy to find time to write more, then write blog, and I practise my own mouth. Molar fee. Ha ha

with the improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of life is undergoing tremendous changes. The network has become an essential part of daily life, which has become more and more close to the masses. I remember a few years ago could make the Internet addiction raise a Babel of criticism of that said, now is basically settled like silence, silent! Really quit addiction it? In fact.

network change caused by quantitative

a lot of basic theories are in quantitative cause a qualitative change, and I am here to talk about the network, but the basic cause is qualitative change. At that time, the commercialization of military products, civilians, only to promote the broad masses of the people have the opportunity to have the energy, the ability to control this emerging high-tech products. The essence of the Internet by the research into life, this is a qualitative change. The more close to life, the more and more closely related to life, and the higher the degree of life, the more concerned about the people, so that the development of today’s people are getting away from the network.

networks form the habit of

, in fact, life and in the network, just a reality, a quite virtual. Now 90% marketing are making a eyeball economy, attention to the birth of customer demand, since there is demand, the most convenient is to find online. Remember once spread on the market report, yellow lace news magazine film, with the vigorous development of the Internet in the mainstream. Since everyone is concerned about these, I will release these, as time goes by the formation of habits.

lies and disinformation will no longer cause for cheating

used to read a very interesting article in a magazine, and it was a long time that I didn’t even remember the title. That is to say, the previous research, now called the Summit Forum; the previous lie, now called hype and so on and so on. Needless to say, on the Internet to lie, lie in the reality and so It is quite common for the virtual network! So people’s moral bottom line serious decline, will produce characters such as lotus like jude. The water out of the ugly dead lotus, obviously in lied about their appearance than the angel, but according to today’s point of view, to hype themselves and let yourself in the limelight! Almost old hanged herself said he is still in the free love jude…… Come on, uncle, tell me your grandson is going to be called Grandpa. I don’t know how ashamed!

, according to Mr Lu Xun’s words, there is no speculation, speculation of many people, they also have a hype! As a result, the major site of the media community to follow, the lie became fall over each other spare no effort is now the mainstream of network marketing. Because, this is no longer a moral problem! No matter how important it is to add: "these represent only individuals"

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