Feedsky is the topic of advertising blog and try to profit

blog from birth to the present, how to help bloggers earn money, has been a hot topic of discussion in the industry, during which many people tried a variety of ways, in the end there is no perfect solution.

recently, the famous Feed (flying, the classification of the RSS output) hosted by Feedsky, the first to launch the topic of advertising, to the blog owners how to bring a new way of thinking and profit.

called the topic of advertising, is a new company in the United States last year, Reviewme pioneered a new advertising model. In this platform, the blogger can freely choose the topic, and his own understanding and understanding of the topic published in the blog, as long as the article in the advertising links, you can get revenue. This combination of blog writing implantable marketing once launched, it was praised by the blogger, many bloggers have joined the Reviewme platform, began to write blog to get the benefits of the road.

Reviewme system does not support Chinese blog, so we decided to carry out this business in the country." Feedsky President Lv Xinxin said.

, however, to enter the topic advertising market, we must solve several problems:

is the first pricing problem, how to accurately determine the influence of the blog, and to determine a reasonable price, is the main problem facing the service provider. Second, how to track the effectiveness of advertising, advertisers to give a credible data, is to provide service providers to face another problem.

Feedsky launched the topic of advertising to solve the above two problems.

above the pricing system, Feedsky’s own Feed management and data mining in the subscription, in assessing the impact of blog has a natural advantage. At present, Feedsky, Alexa and Google are also widely service providers such as cooperation, through technical interface, obtain blog PR value, blog ranking, included the number, the reverse link and a number of data, so as to judge the influence of blog, the final price. The current price range is 30 yuan ~200 yuan.

followed by the tracking system, Feedsky through Feed and blog page data mining and data tracking, to continue to determine the influence of the blog, and reflected in the Feedsky bonus mechanism. The quality of the content of this blog will directly affect its impact index and the final pricing, which is to promote the quality of the main content of the blog magic weapon.

then manual intervention, although Feedsky has its own technical advantages and advantages of the algorithm. However, in reference to the national conditions, still use a small part of the manual intervention to control the delivery. This is the best protection for both bloggers and advertisers.


is various payment methods, including Alipay, Feedsky provides the online banking and other payment methods, for the first time to obtain the benefits of bloggers.

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