Lu Songsong alternative website trading profit and promotion methods


with "offbeat" as the title suggests that the profit model and promotion methods I introduce, that is a little difficult feeling, after all of these two methods is difficult to board in good taste, but the two are small owners used most of the way. The reason why I introduce them is to provide you with an idea, the site’s profit model and promotion methods have many kinds. At the same time also recommended to the new, to avoid being deceived.

to the site for packaging earnings

construction site must have the space, if let you go to make money by selling space, all the friends sold space will say "do not make money selling space, because the space is too much, too much competition, in addition to buy space mostly to understand the Internet this line, they are not free the choice of small business space, generally have their own fixed space.

Taobao has some advertising, such as foreign space, no record, Chinese panel, not satisfied with the refund, the sales price is 3 yuan / month". Lu Songsong saw similar advertising, always doubt its authenticity, but found more than and 200 sold, and show good results, discovered that the original is true. But the space demanding access speed make people depressed, often hang up, the space is not timely maintenance.


(Taobao’s foreign space advertising)

36 yuan a year, dollar is $5, people do not eat or drink it for your hand? Certainly not such a good thing, so a lot of people, through the packaging space on the site of profitability, such as tens of dollars can buy a foreign space, and then put a thief procedures, direct Daolian others sites, and the other is the direct link resources, Internet can make to many similar programs.


are stealing things, so I stand on the pages of code space and bandwidth of the pressure is not large, after the completion of the production site, to give it a nice name, put on the domestic paid advertising alliance code (both at home and abroad have a lot of settlement by day advertising alliance).

followed by the use of e-mail, QQ group chat, spam messages, such as a variety of ways to quickly increase the flow of information to achieve a specific IP (such as 1000IP). Then in various intermediaries, such as the sale of A5 forum, saying "I due to special reasons first transfer of the station, on the IP1000, can view the traffic statistics, the daily income 30 yuan, the transfer price of 500 yuan, the Alipay deal."

because the site is rich in content (thief program) and Alipay, the transaction also assured that the 500 yuan price is not expensive, plus daily income is 30 yuan, Why not? Will recover the cost for 15 days?.

rely on a few dozen dollars to buy space and domain names will be able to get nearly 10 times the income, but generally will produce several similar sites, take this approach.


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