Successful event marketing from Baidu 2012 doomsday


no matter which one industry has a certain degree of saturation, when more than the industry saturation, industry learns the confusion, just like SEO, more and more SEOER with SEO increasingly difficult, also feel more confused about the future of the seo. Indeed, just outside the chain of SEOER has been more and more network convergence in the Navy, the Commissioner of the chain is the real SEOER, the answer is no.. Where is the way out of SEO? Maybe we can get inspiration from Baidu’s "2012 doomsday" event.

1: event profile

"go! Use Baidu Search 2012 doomsday! Go!" – Sina micro-blog, the micro-blog by hundreds of thousands of users crazy forwarding to the audience, the expected impact of billions of dollars, through the planning, network really remember in 2012 April 22nd, this special "Earth Protection Day", Baidu’s highly successful planning.

two: Sina micro-blog, event marketing first fire

Baidu Sina micro-blog as a marketing platform, from the side to prove the 2012, must not micro-blog". Facts have proved that the use of micro-blog as a starting point for the protection of the earth’s public welfare activities, is a very correct choice – a huge amount of forwarding to bring a huge amount of search. After I saw the original micro-blog, on your website to create a web page and Baidu’s "2012 doomsday" search results page to jump by 301, and published in micro-blog, while @ some friends and celebrities, the station was a great breakthrough in


micro-blog marketing interactive, real-time display, communication ability strong characteristics.

three: word of mouth marketing, detonated time marketing

from the Baidu index figure, the "2012 doomsday" the word search volume from the beginning of 24, began a new round of rising. On the one hand is because micro-blog ushered in the flow of traffic explosion point, on the other hand is due to the increasing number of ordinary network name. 24, when I log on QQ, dozens of QQ group almost all of the things to discuss the traces of this, whether it is an ordinary group or webmaster group, the event to this time, the effect of word of mouth marketing is very obvious.


four: provide valuable content and not just a gimmick

"2012 doomsday" has been able to achieve such a great success, the prerequisite is the "end of the world" 2012 pages of special effects. If there is no specific ", but only ordinary soft, will not get so powerful promotion effect! The effects of the splitting effect, is the use of cloning layer tilt approach adapted to achieve; and ticket out, using the Bessel curve of the famous algorithm for path, make it more harmonious natural tickets; turn on

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