Fun phased Pre PO series completed the first phase of 3 billion yuan financing

7, fun staging announced the completion of the first phase of the Pre-IPO series of about $3 billion financing, and officially upgraded to the fun shop group.

fun shop said the group’s founder and CEO Luo min, interest group Pre-IPO first store about 3 billion yuan financing by Phoenix auspicious Internet Fund and liaison between Beijing Phoenix wealth holdings group under the collar vote, the old shareholders with investment, the future of this series will continue financing.


, fun shop group announced invested 100 million yuan RMB to establish student interest, to help poor students successfully complete their education, after graduation began to interest free installment repayment. So far, the fun group has 7 major product lines, that is, fun stage, to stage, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun and interesting jobs.

According to reports,

group was founded in March 21, 2014, the main object of service to young people, a total of 20 million users, covering college students, blue collar, white-collar youth groups.

fun store group financing history:

1.2014 years in March, access to Li Xiang, Wu Shichun, and so on, and so on, the millions of Yuan Angel round of financing,,;

2.2014 years in April, the blue Chi venture capital A million dollars round of financing;

3.2014 years in August, was $10 million B round of financing by the source of capital, such as blue Chi venture capital institutions such as joint venture capital injection;

4.2014 years in December, tens of millions of dollars C round of financing;

5.2015 years in April, completed the $100 million D round of financing, Kunlun world wide lead investment;

6.2015 years in August, to complete the $200 million E round of financing, ant gold collar collar.

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