Six ways to attract readers’ attention by website content writing skills

1, content block

text information into "blocks" for readers to browse and read. According to the study, the human eye can only focus and Track 100 words or so of the fixed paragraph, if higher than this number, the attention of the people will be dispersed. The "block" content should be written using a natural partition and help the reader obtain information in a controlled paragraph. Each block consists of two to three sections, each section has a subtitle, but there are a lot of space around. Secondly, in English website (Web Design) when used to list the dot modified or numbered can only obtain overseas people of all ages.

2, use the title of the heuristic

image and eye tracking study proved the title can grab people’s attention. It is important to use descriptive phrases to make the reader instantly understand what the content is. As far as possible at the beginning of the use of the title allows readers to quickly understand the meaning of the word.

3, text format


bold to help understand the paragraph about the content. But don’t use too much, too many bold words easy to distract the reader’s attention. The use of dots and digital list — under the title followed by a dot or a list of numbers is a good way to maximize the transmission of information tables for a large number of redundant information, the table can rapidly transfer information and avoid missing information.

4, the use of


effective anchor can help attract attention. Use leader heads, photos, pictures, audio or video to guide and enhance the information transmission.

5, ensure clear concise

written with a positive tone, use strong verbs and simple sentence structure and the words. Gorgeous or market oriented prose largely reduces the reader’s patience and makes the reader feel.

6, hire good design

good design helps to convey information while being able to suggest confidence and trust. Use appropriate visual separation and level to help the reader to read comfortably and help customers jump to the next step.

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