B2C you’ve blinded all the entrepreneurs

was also a lot of people, think now want to start a business, the first choice is to do B2C. Because it is very simple to think that B2C is to build a web site, and then enrich the good goods, began to sell things up on the internet. But never to think about how complicated the operation behind B2C.

now I also work in a B2C enterprise, such as my own dreams to the platform, will feel the beautiful page behind the support than the outside world to see more complex, sometimes even you think B2C is gorgeous appearance deceive a group of entrepreneurs who hesitate to do B2C. But I don’t know if you’ve thought about these issues, and have you found the best solution?

from product planning – brand strategy – style design – photography technology – Website Editor – front user experience – Advertising – pre – Sales Service – customer service call center – storage – logistics, etc.. Each class will tell many small classes, and each part is a certain experience for the trader, can guarantee the smooth operation of the B2C service. Because B2C is not website + sell things. He is characterized by a chain of business, the upstream product manufacturers, downstream terminal customer service needs to be coordinated, each link is not smooth, will lead to the efficiency of the whole system is not high.


mall Liu Qiangdong said B2C to 10 years 1 billion, although some exaggerated entrepreneurial threshold to scare the follow-up to it from another level B2C of entrepreneurial talents and resource requirements of high. Not to mention the need to seek cooperation in the third party resources, such as logistics, in terms of China’s current situation is not perfect. The department store B2C, the most troublesome problem is the logistics, to a large bag of rice, a barrel of oil, the small box of chewing gum, a bag of melon seeds, to safely and quickly shipped all over the country has been a problem, regardless of whether the unconditional return to win the perfect user experience. Prediction of the mature period of logistics industry based on the old privately said: "the Department of electronic commerce should be done again in five years." For entrepreneurs, whether there is sufficient financial strength and stamina to look forward to tomorrow is particularly important.

has a false impression of all entrepreneurs: first look at B2C is the Internet business, in-depth understanding will find that this is actually a traditional business, the Internet is just a tool.

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