Brief analysis of TOP10 data of B2B in food industry

spent several hours before collecting the food industry B2C website. Time is relatively short, the analysis is not in place, just a. Do network marketing, data analysis is very important. Data on the industry site of a certain collection is conducive to our later work. Traditional enterprise B2B, select the effect of these industry site is actually quite good.

food manufacturers use B2B mainly has two tasks, one is investment; the two is the brand image promotion. Food industry website user groups are basically the people of the food industry, marketing staff, procurement staff, students, etc., targeted. I ranked in accordance with the site and the overall ranking of the site.

Top1, integrated Alibaba

Baidu weight 7, the site ranked 85, the average daily IP million. Is China’s largest online trading site, its status and popularity are high. For domestic and foreign trade. Taobao sellers here purchase more. Service price is divided into 1688 popular version and the standard version of the 1688, is the year 3688 and 3688 each year, two. In fact, not expensive, but many businesses do not reflect the money paid. The main reason is too many Alibaba paid users, if you do not take measures, then the effect will not pay too good. Still need to do rankings and Taobao, so that customers are more likely to find you. This involves a lot of skills and techniques. Later will produce a lot of costs.

Top2, general HC

in addition to Alibaba, HC sat comprehensive B2C second chair. Baidu weight 8, the site ranked 569, the average daily IP million. Especially suitable for food class B2C. It focuses on electronic machinery and industrial raw materials. In addition to the cost of the staff, the most important thing is to carry out the promotion of late maintenance can be effective. Member service prices ranging from 2000 to tens of thousands have.

has "south north from Ali," said, that Ali in South market is relatively strong, relatively strong in the north market hc. In general, the two platform can operate together, because customers have their own fixed habits, some people love Ali, some people love on the hc.

Top3, food business network

Baidu weight 7, the site ranked 4945, the average daily IP of about one hundred thousand. The website ranking can kill ten thousand in the name of the website is very good. Such a site if the industry is doing better than the integrated effect. Ali and HC for small wholesale, and suitable for industry website recruit agents and dealers, but also for advertising. Its net sales price is divided into three grades, namely, 12800, 26800 and 36800.

Top4, food partner network

this is my university in the regular web site, the site emphasis on technology and industry information. The technical staff and students in the user group

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