Reflection after the failure of Entrepreneurship avoid premature product

would like to thank you for all the support, support, help and encouragement that I have made over the past 22 months.

in 2013, August 25th, I was working with the three partners of the team to pack up the rest of our office. Partner J sitting on the floor, quipped that "this is the third time I have business failure good?" in fact he meant that in November 2012, he was responsible for closing off even in Beijing Dongsi office, sold all the furniture and office supplies, packing withdrawal; February 2013, he once again and had to lay off half even the guest team clean our large office once (that is surrounded by huge blackboard wall) pack, ready to withdraw. This is his third time. Throwing things, boxing, handling, carrying countless hours of overtime in the space of an empty night. The company is about to switch from a company to a project that is run by people of interest.

people always want to hide his failure. For their own reputation, image, or want to become a legend. This is why we rarely read in the mass media fresh, detailed, sincere entrepreneurial failure story.

In contrast to

, the Hollywood, the successful counter attack story "brick house" reading every day like a virus have emerged in our micro-blog and WeChat in the information flow. But as Michael · said in a speech in Princeton in 2013, the success of the winner always overestimated his decision, seriously underestimated the importance of luck in the.

in the social media amplification, which created an unprecedented illusion. Although winners like disaster film stars, behind every live lying nine hundred and ninety-nine brought convenience, but the media, like the camera deceptive, it is difficult for me to make you feel this disparity in the proportion of. Even more frightening is illusion, look at these success stories, people will feel as long as diligent, intelligent, persistence, willpower, and some good inspiration, it can also be invincible. This "ignorance of optimism" is a waste of talent and productivity.

so I decided to do something different.

even though the guests also had some exciting moments, but I just want to share my all carefully in the past two years committed at least one hundred big and small mistakes, and how they led to the failure of the story. From the "ignorance of optimism" to "informed pessimism" to "informed optimism", these errors are the best harvest of my experience.

forgot that a wise man once said that success is simple – you just have to make the most important mistakes at every stage. I like this sentence. In the era of the success of the mentor flying around, we have been difficult to hear such a true and sincere words. So to say, although "every morning meditation.

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