Baidu has ah transformation side against Taobao

August 18th in the "2009 Baidu Technology Innovation Conference, Baidu first announced the launch of X2C strategy, and announced the" Fengming plan "and a series of strategic initiatives to promote Chinese leading e-commerce pattern of the new arrival. The industry believes that, in the face of Taobao, a powerful competitor, Baidu product standardization can be used to play its search expertise and integration of resources, which is an important aspect of Baidu’s side against Taobao.

Baidu layout: moving toward strategic depth


e-commerce platform "have ah" "Fengming plan", will introduce a number of independent brand and independent shop, good operation, to provide quality service and customer service guarantee of enterprise businesses, and the flagship model in Baidu brand, provide guarantee for business, resources promotion, implementation the "flagship store" and the official store inventory synchronization, help them enhance brand value and liquidity, and businesses for users to provide quality products and services. This is a key step in the X2C strategy, but also ‘ah’ an important measure to enhance the overall competitiveness." Baidu electronic commerce department general manager Li Mingyuan said, "BaiduPay" as a payment platform, with "the Bretton Woods foundation service plan" to support the "Fengming plan" to create high-quality business system. Baidu’s layout of e-commerce began to move toward strategic depth." Li Mingyuan said.

Watch: Taobao launched three major strategic

industry insiders believe that Baidu has ah launched the ark plan is to create a platform for the difference of the system itself, but there are efforts to do. Currently, in the field of e-commerce C2C, Taobao has 100 million registered users, the turnover of the leading position. Taobao’s successor – Tencent pat and Baidu have ah, are expected to drive the growth of C2C e-commerce business through the accumulation of large user traffic.

"in fact to the Tencent, such as Baidu Internet giant, the rapid implementation of platform resources is not difficult to build, it is difficult to establish user loyalty and stickiness on the platform, and the system of these differences is by itself the innovation platform." Internet analyst Lv Bowang believes. Contact Taobao C2C recently on the "brush letter company" war, "the ark" is clearly directed at Taobao’s credit rating, although Baidu chairman Robin Li repeatedly said "ah" will not catch up with Taobao, but Baidu "have ah" three strategies is not aimed at Taobao.

industry insiders believe that with Baidu force of e-commerce, as well as eBay and patted the "peripheral" strategy, the B2C and C2C market will usher in a smoke four situation, challenge Taobao leading position will become the main task of online shopping market in the future.

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