The cross border electricity supplier melee black five service stagger beware trap

26 is Thanksgiving, the United States based black Friday shopping Carnival officially kicked off on the 27 day. In China, the major cross-border electricity supplier has played in full swing. The author found that the current domestic electricity supplier Operation Sea Amoy mode and ways, for consumers, through which sea Amoy business shopping, how to choose the way of freight, it may directly determine the consumer experience or even genuine goods.

"black five" the unprecedented preferential business emerge in an endless stream of

this year to participate in the black five to promote the new and old electricity supplier has more than 20, in addition to emphasize their unique positioning, discount efforts, but also launched a dazzling activity and generous publicity.


comparison showed that the domestic cross-border electricity supplier through consumer purchases of overseas goods channels, but each appliance business operation of the sea Amoy mode and ways, choose which platform for shopping, how to choose a freight, may directly determine the quality of consumer experience even genuine goods.

, who lives in Beijing, Miss Zhou worked in foreign companies in recent years, each "black five" have their own and family panic buying a number of overseas goods, including clothing, bags, shoes and infant supplies, her experience is quite representative in the sea Amoy users: "sea Amoy and ordinary online shopping is almost the same. Tuition to pay more to know must choose a mature business platform and reputation overseas brands, logistics or not to wait for a long time and even less so the package, is all that can not distinguish between true and false or not applicable."

beware of commodity channels to guard against the sea Amoy purchasing

in order to improve the domestic consumers in the "black five" during the sea Amoy success rate, some cross-border electronic business platform will advance the consumer products, prior to overseas merchants ordering a number of popular goods sent to domestic consumers through the free trade zone, the sea Amoy website to buy indirectly in "black five" big promotion. But this strategy is the short board after the selection of the individual needs of consumers is difficult to meet, and in order to ensure that consumers can quickly receive the package, a lot of goods ordered in advance and do not enjoy the "black five" and overseas the same preferential.

China in order to cater to consumers, many large overseas merchants such as Messi iHerb, department stores, beauty shop and other Wei this year, took a more direct approach, have launched Chinese website, and widespread use of China consumers third party payment platform such as Alipay, directly shows the price of RMB and provide online payment in renminbi. Consumers directly in overseas website free to buy goods, and enjoy preferential benefit is not official, need to be sent to the merchant queuing outside the panic buying overseas, but really want to still need to panic buying merchandise, and domestic "double 11" as previously done a lot of homework, to parity and pick, but the speed will also affect the consumers in the "black during the five victories.

reliable Parcel Logistics whereabouts aware of

This year more than

business platform launched charter flights, direct mail services, improve logistics.

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