Online shopping skirt checks 7 substandard substandard clothing or carcinogenic

skirts, shirts, T-shirts are the most popular summer clothing worn by consumers, but some manufacturers production and sales of related products is very reassuring. Recently, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau found that the skirt, the passing rate of 62.2% of the skirt, shirt pass rate of 80.2%, the pass rate of T-shirts was 70.4%.

skirt: online shopping spot checks pass rate of only 26.7%

[data] Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the total sample of 156 batches of skirt samples. Among them, the production of 56 batches of samples, the sale of product sampling of 40 batches, the network trading platform sampling of 60 batches.

test results show that the qualified rate of the sample inspection of the production enterprises is the highest, reaching 98.2%; the market sampling times, the pass rate of 65%; the lowest pass rate of the network trading platform, only about 26.7%.


] analysis of quality inspection experts, dress checks unqualified items are: pH value, seam slippage, rubbing fastness, washing fastness, fiber content, logo etc..

, pH value can be maintained in a weak acid or neutral range, beneficial to human health, with the protection of the skin from infection. In the process of wearing clothes, with sweat, rain and other reasons, will make the acidic or alkaline substances dissolved, the pH value is too high alkaline too large, have a stimulating effect on the human skin, causing itching or tingling, have adverse effects on human health.

caused pH failure is mainly due to: due to the need of fabric dyeing process in alkali pretreatment, in order to obtain good dyeing effect and feel, so after finishing, should be fully and properly washed pickling to achieve acid-base neutralization, if not to control or finishing process in order to reduce the cost, reduce the production of free washing process is not sufficient, the pH value will lead to unqualified.

shirt: "hehe" Mens carcinogenic dye exceeded

[data] shirt a total of 308 batches of samples, which qualified 247 batches, pass rate of 80.2%.


] analysis shirts unqualified items are: Biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, pH value, seam slippage and abrasion fastness, fiber content, logo etc..

which can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes (azo dye) is an important indicator of human health, containing carcinogenic decomposable aromatic amine dyes of clothing in the long-term contact with the human body, if the dye absorbed by the skin, will spread in the body, may cause human disease and cancer.

in this sample, there are 1 batches of samples to ban the actual value of azo far higher than the standard. Specifically, in the Amazon platform spot checks of the "Guangzhou Hopewell Industrial Co., Ltd." production of men’s shirts (trademark: NEWTO, lot number: T0220106).

T-shirt: "formaldehyde Wei Lun" exceed the standard

chiffon shirt

[data] T-shirt a total of 169 batches of checks, the

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