Fight a lot of Huang Zheng a new model of social electricity supplier make shopping have a temperatu

recently launched a mobile social electricity supplier, to fight the anniversary celebration, the first day of the big Pro announced that single day trading volume to complete the "goal" of 1 hundred million, this data caused widespread concern in the industry on the line just 1 years of business platform.

is a lot of people are curious about how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task when the world wide web technology reporter with an exclusive interview with Huang Zheng, chairman of the fight. Huang Zheng introduced to reporters a lot of future development path, planning, and the social electricity supplier, a new model for the depth of interpretation.


took a small step to open a new model of social electricity supplier

A lot of

spell business model is very simple: business platform through open group, user groups to fight to invite their friends through WeChat and other social way, when the number reaches a specified number, the user can successfully fight groups, at an affordable price to buy their favorite products.

, however, is such a simple model has attracted 100 million users involved, talked about the reason, he concluded: "we are just a small step on the road." In the eyes of the Huang Zheng, the road is the social electricity supplier will interact with the transaction — people together, let shopping penetration into the fragmented social scene to.

along with the innovation of the front end of the game, the back-end demand has changed. Fight a lot of spell Buy mode allows the same needs in a short time to be gathered together to form a new C2B electricity supplier model, so that everyone becomes the entrance of the flow, but also the flow of distribution channels.

and social electricity supplier this road is not the right way?. According to the official website information display, in September 2015 a three month spell on the line, single day turnover exceeded 10 million, line 4 and a half months pay for the number of users exceeded 10 million, to fight a lot of users today, the total has exceeded 100 million, more than 1 billion monthly transaction flow.

and a lot of want to do, obviously more than this.

industry to explore new shopping become more temperature

The traditional classification of

and comprehensive, vertical and so different, Huang Zheng e-commerce model is divided into two categories, namely, search and social business electricity supplier.

search type electricity supplier, represented by Alibaba, Huang Zheng will be likened to the electricity supplier in the field of google". The representative of the social electricity supplier is to fight a lot, he called it electricity supplier in the field of facebook".

Huang Zheng view, search business more emphasis on efficiency, users have a clear goal to buy, the most convenient and efficient to meet their own needs. The social electricity supplier, is completely different.

shopping is not all purpose. Most of the time, you just want to go on about 32 friends, joy, WAL-MART to go. Shopping is social

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