Webmaster your rogue promotion stopped


is a quasi owners, often in the upstream network trace, in the forum registration or other email address, will often be seen, of course, many "blind", while some just started, or have not learned to do webmaster friends, to the attention of the author’s mailbox, mail as an example.

2007 in December 30th, I received a letter, signed by ComOnlines, an e-mail entitled "advertising business contact! Please confirm as soon as possible!!" , the paper wrote,

your site for the company’s advertising requirements, the company wishes to advertise on your website, the price of 300 yuan per week (negotiable, the greater the flow the higher the price, please send us advertising to the site you flow above the maximum), please hang the advertisement after payment please prepare the advertisement for our company, thank you!!

(for privacy protection, the author went to the hidden URL) I then see advertising, the first letter is a bit strange, because the sale in the Ali Mama advertising most sold in 3 dollars, is clearly the friend to bluff, curiosity click on visits to get people. I’m a little disappointed to go in. "AD", on this conclusion. Then the author replies:

Oh, thank you ah, ready! Http://s.*ixi.org  www.*sle.cn; more ad please pay attention to       obviously, I have to give him a AD, just give him a reminder. The day before yesterday, which is December 31, 2007, I sent the message, the letter verbatim, we can see that his promotion is such a "bombing", a lot of people to bulk mail! There seems to be a bit nauseous, which I reply:   sorry, advertisement price is not right! For details of www.*sle.cn   third, on January 1, 2008, and received the email, text or the like, this is intolerable, then reply to the following   dajiale studio blog advertising, if needed please refer to the following content delivery, thank you for your cooperation, if not do not need to send spam, I will retain the right to sue!

  www.*sle.cn1. ultra low price 1 yuan ad

following does not provide, or advertising too   back; I think he will not be issued, can be said to me he is not want AD effect! After the event, want to think, this promotion is nothing more than just started the webmaster, because they have not learned to walk on AD.   finally, to those who want to rush to rely on this method to promote the site’s friends some suggestions:  

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