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internal corruption has always been a big heart of the enterprise, according to the professional organization of certified fraud examiners Association estimates, fraud and corruption involving the amount can even reach a company’s total revenue of 5% to 7%. Many people always think that the Internet as a new industry is a piece of "pure land", because it is far away from the so-called system which adversely affected less, plus the workers are of high quality people, corruption and degeneration events should occur infrequently. Baidu has recently been exposed in four cases of internal corruption cases, immediately let everyone sigh this piece of pure land is now contaminated.

think this is bad, the Internet was born is not what the "pure land". Where there was a "quack", there are a variety of human contacts will have money disputes, and the Internet industry in the whole economic system and other industries have closely, the so-called vulgar habits with any in-depth exchanges will naturally penetrate to "infection". Today we will talk about some incidents of corruption is the circle happened to ponder the cautionary people.

: a case of "Ali guagu healing"

can be said that in the entire Internet industry, electricity providers in the field of the company and the money to go the most recent, and other industries are also most closely linked. In the industry, a number of large electricity supplier companies inside, corruption problem has always been there. People in the face of the interests of the brain is always easy to faint, even if the construction of strong corporate values to Ali so, human weaknesses still seem unable to overcome.

in 2011 February, Ali from an independent investigation found that some sales staff for the pursuit of high performance, deliberate connivance or negligence, resulting in part of the external molecules into the Alibaba organized fraud membership system. In order to maintain the company "customer first" values and the principle of good faith for the business, Ali immediately cleared thousands of fraudulent suppliers and deal with hundreds of sales personnel directly responsible. Ma Yun is the "open cut Ma Su", Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe and Li Xuhui COO resigned.

it’s just opened a corner of the iceberg with ALI internal problems, to carry out the rectification movement of internal Ali have more problems to be found out. Especially the part of Taobao "second" illegal operations, reap undue benefits has reached a very serious situation, some people even violate the law. In order to eliminate the internal problems, Ali management without mercy, not only related to give the shop closed permanently and responsible to the public security organs. Taobao "second" corruption like leeks, cut a long crop stubble, showing a fire does not end, leaving countless state. Even in 2012, Juhuasuan CEO Yan Limin was also due to corruption within the team was won. Although Juhuasuan in its lead in 2011 total revenue of more than 10 billion yuan, but the Juhuasuan business in order to promote the further healthy transparent and fair operation, only the "Ma guagu healing".

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