College students in Rural Entrepreneurship

day before, two university graduates in the rural South Office of the business network in the rural areas, provide specialized knowledge, experience and technology for the majority of rural entrepreneurs guide, full of youthful spirit began my business practice.

students to go to the countryside of entrepreneurship is not what has long been a new thing, but to start a business service for website of rural college graduates in new rural construction practice, let us shine at the moment.

is the first application. At present, college students as village officials or to rural entrepreneurship has become a new rural construction on the road a beautiful landscape. But for some college students, rural work and study of professional combination is not close, the quality of the ability to exercise may be better than the professional level of ascension. And college students to start a business website in rural entrepreneurship, is undoubtedly good steel used in the blade". What to learn, do not necessarily do what is more and more common phenomenon today, but also its existence. But for the actual effect of education, it is the best educational effect that can be directly applied to practice. Your own business can bring a piece of folks out of poverty, to all rural entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial knowledge, experience and technical support, I am afraid the influence may be thousands of households, its business network is closely related to rural rural entrepreneurship as a new era of college students to take a variety of forms of rural talent, should be vigorously promoted.

followed by innovation. According to reports, the reason they are determined to do business in rural areas, because the current rural entrepreneurs do not have a specialized, targeted business exchange platform. And they have this idea, it can be said that they are not only to build a platform for the success of their own professional knowledge, but also promote rural entrepreneurs common progress, make great contribution to the development of rural economy and technological innovation.


is worth promoting, it is necessary to explore how to create conditions for college graduates to rural entrepreneurship. According to reports, in order to set up the site, they come up with the money to get married, but the money is not all want to emulate their graduates can get. The author believes that the relevant government departments should be inclined and policy support in this regard, in rural areas led by the government to build a business park, and office equipment to provide funds to carry out agricultural scientific research for university graduates, engaged in agriculture and forestry and rural entrepreneurship provide space, create conditions for the university graduates to rural entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial wider. The road more smoothly.

contributors note: rural business network ( is involved in " 2008 Chinese agriculture website 100 strong selection activities to start ", this report is the local media on the rural entrepreneurship deeds report.

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