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Just four years after the birth of

, the WeChat public platform has become the main driving force of a new industry, some people regard it as an interest, and more people will be regarded as a career.


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advanced master

are former financial journalist Yang Tao has always believed that writing is not a prominent specialty for him only, but since the push of "don’t let HUAWEI run" this article, he felt that the original writing skills can make many things have changed.

Yang Tao from Shandong, tall, on a summer evening, his hand holding the glass, in the mouth with a cigarette, a sigh of relief. Less than a year from the time he opened the public number, he has quickly completed the public number of fans of the original accumulation".

May 2016, this period of time is a bit unusual for Yang Tao: he wrote, do not let HUAWEI run, a text at this time began to spread in the circle of friends. The reason for HUAWEI from Shenzhen are reviewed in this article, and bluntly pointed out that: high prices is the main reason for large and small enterprises can not survive in Shenzhen.

article caused a great disturbance. The two day of the spread, the article read about about one million." In an interview, Yang Tao told the interface news reporter, this article for him to add more than ten thousand fans, but the impact of the article, far more than the number itself.

after this, Yang Tao began to "Yue Tao" pseudonym continues to publish articles in the public numbers, advertisers and capital pumianerlai. This makes Yang Tao need like a start-up project again looked at the public, he began to put all of their efforts on public, positioning, operation, advertising model, and think to please fans of the theme and writing style.

This is the WeChat public

, was born fourth years, since a large number of media is one after another to put the WeChat public army like Yang Tao, they may not report pomegranate woman and logic thinking such as well-known public number has a huge amount of fans, but they also have strong content of talent, but also more focused and vertical. Advertisers pay enough to allow them to live a comfortable life, they are increasingly becoming the number of WeChat public V big lake in the middle of the rise of the master, also known as the middle class WeChat public number.

"at first I thought that in three months time, who do not recognize, completely write what they want to write. This is a process of free expression." Yang Tao told reporters on the interface.

at the end of November 2015, Yang Tao left the system in the media began trial operation in its own public number "Shenzhen Economic Observer" (now renamed "Yue Tao"). The initial stage, Yang Tao in half a month by writing a number of reading more than 100 thousand articles, attracted thousands of

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