Down to earth is not a luxury electric providers enjoy the network have invested millions of dollars

May 30th news, has won the Asia Pacific Fund $10 million investment in luxury electricity supplier VIP enjoy network has closed down, the site has been unable to open.

enjoy network master can not open

and through the archival information found in the enjoyment of the net more than one domain name vipchina.comhowvip.comvip enjoy the network.Com are now unable to visit. From its certified micro-blog also found that has not been updated for several months.

enjoy the network filing domain name

according to the information, the network was established in 2010, formally launched on August 2011, is a luxury electricity supplier, providing luxury, fashion wear, beauty care products. On the line after a month to get Saif investment, become the fastest ever got Saif investment business.

founder Ren Ke Fei has talked about, enjoy the network is only part of the service, which is part of the high-end users.

high-end users can become a loyal user of the electricity supplier has been a topic. The industry generally believe that the most difficult to solve the problem of luxury online shopping is to seize the high-end users.

in accordance with the previous network marketing strategy, from the beginning of the project with banks, telecommunications and other enterprises to cooperate, and even courier companies using FedEx fedex. At that time, the outside world has been interpreted as a solution to the high-end luxury online shopping security and trust of worry, but also can attract a lot of high-end consumer spending.

the original number is very good, according to historical data, the network after the race to enjoy the investment in the online 4 months on a record sales, the completion of some of the same site sales.

and at that time some of the interview records show that the concept of enjoying the network in the luxury goods have to do to make the style, the main person in charge to maintain style. "We are doing fashion, luxury, if we do not know how to dress, etiquette, messy hair every day to work, allowing employees and customers believe that you understand someone who is dressed?" the beauty CEO Ren Ke Fei said so.

at the same time, enjoy the network has established the QVC Association, let more people to come up with some limited status of expensive product sale, in order to further enhance to enjoy the network in the user base in the high-end integration ability.

in fact, the temporary boom did not cover up the problem of the market itself. As rich Yan Yan said: get the investment, only to prove that you have been recognized by an investor, does not mean that the market has been recognized, does not mean that has been successful."

many industry insiders believe that luxury goods are loaded to force the economy, the electricity supplier is "grass root" economy, incompatible. This is also the most difficult to do electricity supplier of luxury goods.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the luxury goods business after two years ago, there have been a lot of blossom everywhere, the luxury goods business is.

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