Taobao full back now is to be banned said the control of single or off the shelf

news August 24th, the day before, said, will be for the seller promised "full back now" behavior launch approach, because the violation of the price of commodity trading this basic principle.

in fact, Taobao in the public solicitation of documents, has proposed a solution, but through this form and the seller to communicate, understand the idea of the seller.

Taobao solicit opinions

Taobao said that when the seller to sell the goods, the promise of a successful transaction in the commodity information will be returned in full, but this behavior is likely to cause disputes between buyers and sellers, but also does not meet the principles of the transaction.

in order to solve this problem, proposal, "Taobao" in the new rules: if the commodity information appears in the "full back now", "high proportion of cash back", "free" vocabulary, will be related to the goods shelves or delete temporary.

in addition, if the mobile phone products appear to guide users to comment on the information, the relevant products will also be temporarily off the shelf processing.

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