Be vigilant! Buy think if the question and answer procedure shall be the eight note fangpian

recently encountered a very angry things, ready to break, non-toxic remove toxins, a relaxed


traded on the forum to see a "imitation Baidu know — think if the question and answer procedure" in the post, and then follow the post in the open to other websites and products forum, the first time to understand the product function and price, and try to open each other to provide the product demonstration, the results were surprisingly slower than cattle. F5 N for a long time when I was about to collapse the patient slowly opened, gave me the first impression of the question answering program with the other in place — not what question answering program is also at most 1-2 in small details make simple modifications, the template style was ugly, the entire site size, layout is quite the poor, but only a few data demonstrate the address above, even less than 2 digits, so an almost 0 data presentation address, access speed, so that Slow, I can not help but torture their customer service in the end how.

According to the

website provides 2 QQ service and QQ are on duty, I sent a friend request to add (at the time or work time), the 3-4 hours have no reply, easy to wait until the evening to be one line, I love to ignore the results slowly, I say your website how to open so slow ah, guess what he said, he said, "Oh, you are the first person to say so! Now, the future is unprecedented,!" Kao, what bird, to give an irrelevant answer my question, not a positive answer, even with my Tai Chi, also say such cattle? I can’t help thinking.

then I asked him to download the commercial version of the ordinary difference between what he said, oh how stable how fast speed and so on, I asked him, your template style is ugly, can according to my meaning and idea to design a style, he can say, here comes my wishful thinking think this communication is good.

then I asked a sentence without thinking: "how do you accept payment?" they provide me with their company "manager" of private bank account (only 2 of the bank, not even PayPal). I then asked: "I say you a huge payment companies like Alipay at least how even the tools are not ah?" they did not reply, and then asked, "if you accept the intermediary guarantee transaction graph king?" after 5 minutes, I am impatient, I ask "in it, no matter how back ah?!" and Ctrl+C several times, finally replied "we can accept Alipay in my heart this Biequ ah, I thought, I said N sentence in exchange for you half of the sentence, so unfair and asked" how do you have Alipay. Why didn’t you indicate in the site in an important position? I have some doubts." They thought they could make an explanation of this, the result is to wait for a long silence N.

"does not break out in silence, die in silence."

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