Jiangsu involving a network of 13 countries and regions involved in infants and young children

news agency in Nanjing on 28 August, (Zhang Jie Zhu Xiaoying) 177 thousand members in the United States, Japan, the distribution of Chinese, Singapore and other 13 countries and regions, the total number of 4 million 220 thousand posts, even involving pornographic content in infants…… Such a huge jurisprudence network was Jiangsu police a nest end". Reporter 28 from the Zhenjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau to get the exact message: the police have arrested 25 people involved.

25 people involved in the oldest of the age of 29, the youngest only 14 years old, has arrested 15 people.

the size of the "Yellow Emperor" surprising: only download pornographic video forensics department, with more than 4 thousand posts and more than 7 thousand, of which nearly 1000 of the content about teenage girl, even infants, the police 10 "yellow inspection division" for more than 3 months before the time video quality.

case into the police vision from a guy posted pornographic videos on the network. By the end of last year, Zhenjiang police found a local guy in the little girl Forum on the release of more than and 80 pornographic videos. After investigation, the police realized that this is just the tip of a huge network, and in March this year, the task force set up an investigation.

in March 7th this year, with the assistance of the police in Wuhan, Zhenjiang police investigators arrested the site in Wuhan, chen. Immediately, the task force went to the country more than 10 provinces and cities, have arrested 25 suspects involved, many of whom are involved in high school students, college students.

according to the police, "the little girl has been known as the" build "forum" for China domestic forum second "brand", from the end of 2011 opened obscene content sections, to be seized in 2013 more than a year, the development of the forum has become a vast network has 177 thousand registered members, more than 1900 VIP members. Chinese members in over 17 domestic provinces and the United States, Japan, Singapore and other 12 countries and regions overseas website, posting daily for 15 thousand to 21 thousand.

police think, concealment is one of the reasons for the rapid development of the website: obscene content website are hidden in the 47 normal forum, on the surface can not see any pornographic pictures, with strong concealment.

currently the forum has been closed. The investigation is still in progress.

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