Home Energy Monitoring, Part 3: The Wrap-Up

first_imgHome Dashboards Help Reduce Energy UseMore Power Monitoring to the PeopleEnergy Monitoring Tools from Google, Microsoft RELATED MULTIMEDIA RELATED ARTICLES PODCAST: Home Energy Monitoring, Part 1 PODCAST: Home Energy Monitoring, Part 2 In this final part of the episode, Phil and I continue our chat with Peter Troast of Energy Circle about home energy monitoring. We conclude this epic trilogy by discussing:Cost. How much are these systems going to set you back?Renewables. These are the perfect tools for monitoring the generation of electricity by your installed renewables too.Where do the utility companies fit in to all of this?. And what about smart meters? (be sure to visit the article by Richard Defendorf for much more on the subjectWhat is the future of home energy monitoring?Phil’s Hot Zigg (our term for a great idea.) At the time I said it was brilliant. (I think I want to take that back)What about oil and gas? Can we monitor them with electricity?Then of course, Phil Takes us out with another song selection. This time it’s Rococo by Arcade Fire. At the time Phil was the coolest kid on the block as this album was released the day before our recording.Be sure to visit parts 1 and 2 of this episode. The contributions of Micheal Chandler in the comments section of Part 1 is especially interesting (as is the cocktail recipe).Enjoy the show.last_img

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