Browse the Yellow Pages to upgrade the man sent pornographic video was sentenced to 1 years

In order to improve the level of the

account more "yellow"

news (reporter correspondent Lin Li Ceng Kunfeng) a man registered members browse the yellow web site, but found himself lower level, can not browse more content. In order to improve the level of his account, the release of pornographic video posts, attracted a high click rate. The day before, the defendant Lin Fuqing City People’s court to commit the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials to control a year.

Lin after graduating from college in Fuqing to work with a company, usually playing computer. In July 23, 2011, he played in the dormitory during the game, the home page of pornographic websites advertising links, so he clicks and registered as members.

later, he found himself lower level, a lot of content can not browse. In order to improve the level of the account, browse the site for more content, he posted in the new post of pornographic videos containing links to the post, and took the temptation of the title. Soon, the click rate is rapidly increasing, there are a lot of friends replies. Since then, Lin and by the same method in the site made two beautiful pictures". To the time of the incident, the public security organs through remote exploration, found that the actual number of clicks 26629 times.

Lin an account, he released a post for entertainment mentality, copying other posts for their own account increase points. According to the investigation, Lin face rising click rate and other people’s reply, and did not delete posts to eliminate the impact. It has the intention of disseminating pornographic electronic information subjectively.

The people’s Court of Fuqing City,

said, not for profit for the purpose of using the Internet or transfer of pornographic electronic information communication terminal production, copying, publishing, selling or spreading, the actual hits reached more than twenty thousand times, convicted of the crime of dissemination of pornographic material.

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