Buy a number of network executives and cooperative business explosion scandal

user group purchase food component, ordering position is always the most close to the door handle, the brand shoes to hand on glue…… On Tuesday, the reporter undercover group purchase website exclusive investigation report out of the street, causing large-scale industry shocks, many executives have been involved in the group purchase group purchase website and the business activities to find the reporter, the explosion of group purchase industry "super low" and "seckill" and 0 yuan lottery and many other secret and not an unspoken rule.

group purchase website executives acknowledged that soon dying already into the ridicule, which means "really thousand closures" comes, will accelerate the industry reshuffle, finally or will only leave a few oligarchs. The vast majority of group buying site really want to advance in the winter, whether the oligarchs can usher in a gorgeous turn?


group’s final runoff

buy network executives: occasionally on the back door of the list

CONVERSE classic quality, such as you come! Only 99 yuan, enjoy the original price of 265 yuan CONVERSE to help a pair of evergreen canvas shoes, CONVERSE manufacturers direct cooperation……" This is the value of a cheap temptation, in June this year, the people of Guangzhou KK in the large group purchase website offered to buy a pair, the total of 10063 ginseng group. To KK’s surprise, the delivery is not from the brand in China’s official delivery area, but from Panyu. Then he found a lot of the forum said that this group of shoes have false, KK to buy a website message to be returned, the customer service to be rejected can be".

buy the site before Cao Cao secret, this group is not the event to buy the site of the market commissioner or quality control division intends to do, but more outrageous reasons". A shoe Co., Ltd. to find a heavyweight buy network executives, said his hand has a number of A version of the CONVERSE shoes, the executive was forced by human relations acquiescence and handed over to the marketing department to negotiate cooperation. After the first batch of CONVERSE shoes into the quality control department, the site quality control department gave the ‘unqualified, refused to participate in the buy’ conclusions. However, the executives still suggest that a manager in the marketing department "will do the list."."

Cao Yu said that due to the management system is not in place, some of the top buy site will be out of a friend’s face, and occasionally take a walk on the relationship, some of the backdoor list". "Although relates to company executives fraud, but eventually things turned out to be the disposal of unqualified products, put forward to on-line QC department, but lose money, to avoid trouble."

cheap food goods not board

at the end of September, a local station network group purchase online a group purchase activities, group purchase price 239 yuan to 99 yuan of the "Phoenix Jane beef 4 sheep nourishing pot package, a total of 41 people participated in the group purchase activities.

the network group purchase quality control division Yu Ling said, after the success of group purchase, ShaoGuan Railway Station has been receiving customer complaints, customer complaint reason is mainly due to the package components in store enjoy, than online promotional components less, in addition, soup color is not normal, I feel very fresh, seems to be used >

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