Ji’nan Shandong nternet webmaster Conference

2008, is the year of the Chinese Olympic Games, but also the development of China’s Internet year, China’s Internet users to break through the 200 million mark, the Internet application into the people’s social life. Shandong as a big economic province, Haier, Hisense, Luneng, wave and many other well-known enterprises, IT hardware first-class; Shandong province has 12 million Internet users, registered domain name, registration number, the number of personal webmaster website are among the forefront of the provinces and cities. Our webmaster should consider what and what to do, what to do and do well in 2008? Who just want to get involved in the field of IT, launched its own website, webmaster should grasp what must focus on what and how to put your site as soon as possible to promote out? This is every webmaster should think about the problem.

New Oriental has a word: language is the power, which is not only reflected in the foreign language, personal webmaster choose what kind of language technology also directly determines the vitality of their website. Win in China’s main theme: Inspirational illuminate life, entrepreneurship to change the fate, but also the spiritual support of individual owners and true portrayal. The venture is not behind closed doors, the Internet is an open society, the wealth of experience to share win-win! So we Ji’nan LAMP Training Center (http://s.www.Road2Lamp.com) to initiate the contractor and make the greatest efforts to hold a high quality, the harvest of Shandong Internet webmaster event.

this activity will invite guests Comsenz (Discuz!) director, director of the Ji’nan science and technology venture capital venture investment company, Baidu Ji’nan manager, LAMP architecture, space technology experts, the server provider, and a number of outstanding Shandong personal webmaster. The theme of the guest lecture involves personal webmaster from creativity to success in all aspects, to be:

– LAMP architecture preferred entrepreneurs

– CMS, a well-known forum system

– SEO and

website promotion

– the Olympic Games for the owners of the opportunity to

– how to get

approval of risk investment

– personal webmaster experience sharing


participants can get a copy of the relevant information of the general assembly, the general assembly also has a site quiz and lottery links, I hope everyone can get through this event, get what they want.

The time of the

conference is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 5, 2008 at 2 p.m. -5 (). The general assembly not only welcomes the Shandong and other regions of the individual webmaster, but also welcomed the aspiring young people to enter the Internet industry.

this conference will be linked to a number of flat network media coverage. The General Assembly will build an open sharing platform, so that all parties can fully display their products, exchange their ideas, share their own experience, to build a shared win-win situation for the mountain

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