Group purchase website investigation in three payment worries

"mission" with "mission", he put himself into the "mission" into the.

members (buy site members) consumer groups suffered fraud phenomenon is common. According to relevant statistics, more than 30% of the buy site can not do a daily mission, the lack of popularity so that some of the buy network turned foot group". The money directly into the account sites, some unscrupulous businessmen eyes, this advance has become the hand of fat, after they disappeared, had been part of the site was exposed by the media. Insiders said that the main reason for this situation lies in the lag of payment. Buy is also e-commerce, e-commerce should be used to deal with mature means".

first pay member without protection

it is understood that the majority of domestic group purchase by the first payment after delivery mode, it is also directly to the account payment to the group purchase website adverse consumer fraud opportunities. In a popular group purchase website information aggregation, can see nearly 400 types of popular group purchase website almost realizes the function of online payment, consumers can easily through online banking and other payment instruments commonly used payment to the group purchase website, and money is directly to the other account.

even less part of the third party payment system of the group purchase website, it is not like or pat Tencent website, will be paid temporary third party payment platform, the user to confirm receipt of the goods after satisfaction of complete payment.

once the user consumption problems, group purchase websites and businesses are often difficult to protect the interests of consumers. When you need a refund, some of the sites are often not standardized website attacks, third party payment problems and other reasons to delay withdrawals, to the user’s payment security hidden dangers. Coupled with the current group purchase website uneven in quality leading to the interests of consumers vulnerable to damage.

if there is a dispute between the buy site and consumers, will not only hinder the development of the industry, and ultimately will affect the third party payment platform. If consumers can not successfully get a refund from the group purchase website, will pay to shoot as payment channel third. Therefore, the industry believes that the payment mode innovation will be a direction of group purchase website reflects the differentiated services, how to find a more suitable for group purchase website payment, is to become a tough problem China under specific conditions.

Exploration of

intermediary guarantee and advance payment

of the problems mentioned above, payment companies said that if the group purchase site selection of the third party payment intermediary transaction guarantee payment can not only reduce transaction disputes, to the consumer credit guarantee, on the network group purchase industry also has to improve the reputation of the role, and can contribute to the third party payment market new growth opportunities.

insiders suggested that the strength of the group purchase website through credit guarantee mode, the user confirms the consumer satisfaction then notify the third party to pay the money to the merchant, but not paid to the group purchase website. So even if the user is in

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