China’s first set of net loan access threshold Shanghai P2P to submit data

reporter Qiao Jiawei Shanghai reported

P2P is the industry as a warning for the future, dragons and fishes jumbled together system reconstruction.

Twenty-first Century

Economic Herald reporter was informed that the fracture phenomena in P2P enterprise funds in the three quarter, the Shanghai Information Service Association in Shanghai Lu Jin, Rong Tao, pat loans and other net loan companies, recently developed the country’s first Internet lending standards, and has been reported to the Shanghai economic and Information Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Finance office.

One of the

"dialogue and equal competition to domestic and global areas, is the Internet banking, but also need to take care of the signs, guard against the risk of living." Li Yaoxin, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission by letter on December 18th at the annual meeting of the Shanghai financial information services on the economic news reporter, said on twenty-first Century.

according to its introduction, the current number of Shanghai P2P companies, third party payment accounted for 1/4 of the country’s total, the above network lending standards will be applied to the first area of the Internet financial enterprises in Shanghai.

this year 9-11 month, the more there have been more than 40 P2P enterprise capital chain rupture or closing event, one of the main reasons is that the P2P business threshold is too low, uneven in quality manager." Financial network CEO Zhou Han told reporters.

funds third party hosting

it is understood that the above admission criteria: network lending companies only for borrowers and lenders to provide information dissemination, risk assessment, credit counseling, transaction management, customer service and other consulting services." In other words, network lending companies engaged in financial advisory services, not directly involved in lending behavior.

Lu Jin chairman meter Kwai sang view, network lending platform as an independent third party is a basic requirement, at the same time P2P enterprises can not simply deal, the Internet financial core or risk management, credit risk control.

basic regulation, a wide range of access to credit, the establishment of a strong Internet banking system, is the three key to expand Internet banking." Ji Kui said on the 18.

as an independent third party support, the standard network lending company must establish free funds and funds apartheid lender, loan funds by third party account management, the company should not be used in any way the lender funds misappropriation".

this is mainly to avoid the platform of illegal deposit, because the loan funds escrow, funds can not pass the P2P platform, the platform can only charge management fees and service charges. In addition, the central bank and the previous position, the access standard also defines "for the borrower and the lender must establish a direct relationship between the corresponding borrowing, lending institutions may not lend money before the acquisition and collection, lending relationship, not to the maturity mismatch the way to set up the pool of funds"; "the network lending institutions to shareholders or staff not to the maturity mismatch in debt investment".

at the same time, including Jikui born several net loan Shanghai responsible person had.

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