2014 World Cup which video website profit

in the opening of the world cup a few months ago, I once wrote for China media to predict the world cup will bring change, called 2014 network video and television or meet as equals a part company each going his own way.

is the Internet since the world cup to surpass and turn over, has always been the major media Internet Co in the collective appeal World Cup year, every world cup can always dominate a new form of media, such as the 1998 World Cup, a lot of Chinese first touch net, sports forum has become the Internet’s most fire BBS. The 2002 World Cup, football commentary TV hot, I in the north of the old classmates, CCTV artistes, amateur football star Bing Shen. The 2006 World Cup, blog comments hot, also appeared in Huang Jianxiang’s roar. 2010, of course, Sina micro-blog world cup.

2014, the Internet TV box A new force suddenly rises., popular, bandwidth of the short board supplement, the popularity of mobile Internet, in the CCTV broadcast rights, plus a rich and flexible homemade programs, the opportunity is undoubtedly belongs to the video site, if the operation is successful, it may make a large audience early goodbye to television media.

but after three months, the fact is that, although my prediction is correct in logic, but in the result there is a deviation, network video due to the world cup hot is not false, but only a fire site, is CCTV’s son CNTV (China network television). Because did not get the World Cup coverage in the core of broadcast rights, prepared by other eager for a fight each video website for the World Cup final rise, just hit a wonderful sauce.

in the last World Cup, video website still bought from CCTV broadcast rights, but the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, CCTV suddenly announced not to local TV and Internet Co to sell broadcast rights, which means that China network television (CNTV) has become the world cup, exclusive broadcast network platform. Many users Tucao, but CCTV also has its own reasons: TV is no longer to distribute high-quality programs to video sites, but on their new media platform, which is the new situation in 2014. They do not want the wild development of the Internet era, he was suppressed in the narrow CP narrow links, reduced to a network of workers. This year, the traditional media is the Internet erosion and the difficult situation, so that all the media television, The imprint is engraved on my heart., do not want to repeat the mistakes of the print media.

CCTV broadcast alone is non stick regardless, but the fact is that CNTV caught up with the opportunity at the right time, originally the world cup is a good opportunity to all video sites, but eventually got tickets only a CNTV. Objectively speaking, in the video, have hot money today, as state-owned enterprises CNTV although there are certain well-known, but in essence has been attached to the CCTV network version, like newspaper in the newspaper, of little importance, but after the world cup battle, with their own efforts and strategy opportune.

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