West Slope weekly Tencent reoccurrence of plagiarism door Taobao layout B2C

in just the past week, IT rivers and lakes are still lively, west slope Zhou Ji has more exciting topics. Of course, the most talked about topic, or with Tencent.


and 360 Tencent between the "privacy war" into each other, past a contradiction with the Tencent, but they have to "swallow" superior technology, cool dog, popular online and other manufacturers joined, related products accused of "plagiarism" own Tencent.

October 20th, excellent technology CEO Yu Yongfu said publicly that the Tencent mobile QQ desktop software copy UC desktop, from the functional architecture to the interface similarity of more than 90%, and provides evidence screenshot. Yu Yongfu calls for plagiarism to be punished.

previously, music software vendors cool dog company issued a statement accusing Tencent’s QQ music copied its lyrics verbatim accurate technology, said QQ music means poor competition, is a luxury without innovative products. However, due to the strength of his cool dog is relatively small, the degree of concern is not high. Later, excellent view, popular online are personally come forward by CEO, only to allow Tencent’s plagiarism door once again aroused widespread concern.

BiaNews on that because the Tencent is "full service" layout, which leads to the manufacturers and Tencent before the enemy is very much, it may appear the relevant manufacturers constantly stood accused of Tencent (which is commonly used in the field of military "chelunzhan"). This will make the Tencent is always surrounded by public opinion, although the two companies accused may not have much effect, but as more and more manufacturers to join in, probably because the accumulation of "quantity" "quality" changes.

Oh! In the Tencent had not an eventful year, happy


of course, there are also happy, such as Baidu.

Baidu last week announced the 2010 third quarter unaudited financial report, Baidu Q3 revenue was 2 billion 256 million yuan, an increase of 76.4% compared with the same period of 2009; operating profit of 1 billion 181 million yuan, an increase of 126.6% compared with the same period of 2009; net profit of 1 billion 47 million yuan, an increase of 112.4% compared with the same period in 2009.

due to Google China channel adjustment, the conflict between agents and Google intensified, Baidu has once again become a beneficiary, several foreign investment companies raised the target price.

last week, Google is probably the most awkward. The reason is very simple, Google China office door was agents to dismantle.

October 18th, Google "acting door" and the further development of Google, East 7 agents with employees to Google Shanghai office in protest, protest a day without feedback after removing the Google Shanghai Office of a glass door and entered the office sit protest.

this matter, but also disturb the valley

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