Athletes to blame for dope shame says NADA boss

first_imgNational Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) director-general Rahul Bhatnagar on Saturday brushed aside the claims by some of the athletes that the national sports federations (NSF) do not educate them about banned substances.”We follow the rules set by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and their rules are very clear. There is no complexity in them. The ultimate responsibility is of the players to be very careful about the substances or food supplements they are taking as this is a matter of their career. They are repeatedly told that the doping can cost them their careers,” Bhatnagar said.It came as a national shame when six wrestlers, three swimmers, two athletes, one weightlifter and one netball player tested positive for banned substances – mainly methylhexanamine.Most of them were also part of the Delhi Commonwealth Games squads. These athletes will face an anti-doping disciplinary panel hearing on September 22.”This campaign against doping is in full swing owing to the reason that in some places doping is rampant. Some players are deliberately and knowingly doing it to enhance their performances.There is a huge list of banned substances on the WADA website as well as on our (NADA) site. Whenever the WADA add any substances in the category of banned substances, they do it after an thorough research and after consulting many countries.But now, for us it is very difficult to say which thing consists what,” Bhatnagar said.He also cautioned the athletes to be careful enough before buying anything which is not recommended to them or which they are not aware of.advertisement”There are so many things available in the market. Therefore, it becomes really difficult to find out what has banned substances and what doesn’t. This is why we instruct the athletes to avoid buying any food supplements or any other content which may spoil their career.”Overall, 2047 samples were collected from January to August in the country and 103 of them turned out to be positive with 12 of them testing positive for the same substance – methylhexanamine. We have informed WADA about this and they have not reacted yet but they will surely do it soon,” Bhatnagar said.”I spoke to some of the top tennis players recently and they told me they do not buy anything if they do not know about its substances.They are very careful and do not touch anything which may jeopardise their career. I feel the onus finally lies on the athletes if they fail the doping test – it is they who have to suffer.”last_img

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