Trojan group wreak havoc on 3 million computers

latest Flash vulnerabilities are being used by tens of thousands of Trojan horse, a large-scale attack on the computer. Yesterday, the security company rising red (a) issued an emergency security alert said, "Trojan group" virus by using the latest Flash exploits computer users, and guide the tens of thousands of kinds of Trojan virus attacks on computer poisoning. According to the monitoring and measurement, there are more than 3 million Taiwan computer by "Trojan group" attacks, poisoning the computer will be closed, the antivirus software system time be modified, deleted, common procedures and QQ online games online banking account password theft and other symptoms.

rising anti virus experts said, loopholes in the system only a single operating system, browser and other threats. The Flash vulnerability ignores the difference between the operating system and browser. According to statistics, there are currently more than 60% of users of this vulnerability.

at present, mainstream security vendors have launched a targeted "trojan virus designed to kill and repair tools, computer users can download the killing.

computer Trojan virus infection symptoms after

1, antivirus software main program can not open or open without any response;

2, monitor program off;

3, system date was forced to change;

4, Firewall Alert, exception program access network;

5, LAN ARP attacks exist;

6, repeated killing the virus is not clean;

7, the shortcut icon on the desktop becomes a blank box (this is because the icon pointing to the EXE file is deleted by the virus);

8, security software or security monitoring tools can not be used (such as process View tools, system optimization tools, etc.);

9, the system registry has been written to hijack.

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