The SNS community is to share the video or by walking a fine line stopped broadcasting

after a moment of prosperity, the domestic SNS community website is constantly encountered regulatory pressure from the government level. In addition to Zhaicai SNS game will be the Ministry of culture capital requirements set the access threshold, the reporter learned from informed sources before, now the happy net, and other mainstream SNS community in common "video sharing" has caused the attention of sarft.

according to the sources, in the absence of the premise of video license plate, the SNS community allows users to share video and SARFT the current rules of the game have great conflict, may be due to hit edge ball and halt, or even punished.

SNS website or video license crisis

from the beginning of last year, happy net, and other mainstream SNS community have opened the "post" function, the user can be Youku, potatoes and other video content sharing, play directly on the SNS home page for others to see. On the SNS site, because all the video content are connected by the external video sites, and will not take up too much server resources, and effectively increase the user’s browsing time and viscosity, so that it quickly swept.

In fact,

SNS website has not been issued by the SARFT video licence ("information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit"), such behavior can be said to be walking a fine line." A VP of a video site politely told reporters two years ago, many industry peers are trouble, was successfully applied to the video licence, I am happy, face and a number of sites for undocumented operators SARFT shut down regulation and forced transformation. SNS website is entitled to video sharing, the industry has not yet conclusive, just like a lot of blog sites can also be posted before the video, but the number is far less than the number of SNS."

radio and television game rules unfavorable SNS

yesterday, the person in charge of happy network and everyone in an interview with reporters, said the issue of video license has never been considered, the wind has not received the rectification of the moment.

, after all, SNS does not allow the user to upload their own video, in the end whether to share from the outside, the key is to see how the rules of the game formulated by sarft." Analysys International analyst Tang Yizhi said.

reporter in the SARFT issued a 4 "business Internet audio-visual program service catalog (Trial)" notice that "Internet audio-visual program broadcast service" was defined as the need of operation, including broadcast radio and television channel "and" Internet audio-visual program service channel. This means that, in the absence of licensed video website, TV programs, news video, film and television, as well as homemade arts, entertainment, science and technology, finance, sports, education and other professional audio-visual programs are not allowed to spread the video. This is for the SNS community, obviously not a good news.

industry sources, the current Cool 6 network and several of the two or three line video site has been set up a special team, a person named

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