want to be a user run out of the Zhang Xiaolong’s WeChat applet failed

Zhang Xiaolong WeChat applet failed in the end,


genius will certainly miss. But a small program, perhaps we too early.

nearly a month and a half, had a small program of cold.

was blown up in the circle of friends, and now rarely see the contents of the discussion. Many of the original development of small procedures in the team, quietly terminated the action. January 9th released on the same day to pull the industry discussion group, but also gradually calm.

headlines today come back. In January 15th, today’s headlines to stop the small program services, but then announced the official return.

Luo thinking of the "get" gone will not come. February 7th, the first to give up the logic of thinking to give up a small program. "We decided not to do it," Luo Zhenyu said."

entrepreneur recently did a small survey on micro-blog – drying out your applet". The results are quite interesting.

most commonly used entertainment and travel, dining APP collection:





also commented:


so, today, we can also see the "small program failure symptoms have been" argument.

grass root success, genius failed, all is the topic. Let the masses eat melons are to whet your appetite is what, we are lucky enough to watch a disillusioned myth

Zhang Xiaolong?

genius will certainly miss. But a small program, perhaps we too early.

small program for who to do?

small program was put on the agenda last January high-profile. This is the first time a year ago, Zhang Xiaolong put out a product to promote. 1 years later, in January 9th of this year, a small program formally launched.

now calm, but fully prepared to 1 and a half months.

Why can’t the

applet keep people? Because it’s really small".

it is a high frequency scenario of APP interception, not enough to the user’s time it has no long-term occupation; recommended entrance, there is no good search experience, no market share and spread effect is limited; it refuses to load the advertising, no more cash, developers finally got, in addition to allowing users to uninstall their original APP seems to have what use.

Zhang Xiaolong said: "I want the user to run away.".

all kinds of online APP developer’s heart is broken: I want it >

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