Wanda Wang Jianlin life and death over the debt first negative rumors


Wanda Group helm Wang Jianlin has repeatedly said it will no longer engage in heavy assets in the future, all turn into light assets, also means to speed up the pace of real estate exit exit, he was regarded as "fast money" of the real estate, because it has come to a dead end or a strategic plan? According to the Reuters’s a Hongkong bankers said, Wanda Group’s debt level is very high, the leverage ratio for this line is too high, so I do not intend to participate in the Wanda loan transactions, unless accompanied by a mortgage loan transaction, the bank is likely to reconsider.

The bank refused to give Wanda

loans, this is difficult to imagine in the past, although Wanda real estate net assets of up to 158 billion 100 million yuan (about $23 billion), how much has been mortgaged or unknown, so many people think that there are many Wanda real estate assets is "false".  

January 18, 2017, in Davos, Switzerland, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin (right) to attend the annual meeting of the world economic forum symposium.

in 2016 (fifteenth) China corporate leaders meeting, Wang Jianlin on the Chinese culture to go out of the questions after the speech, a reporter asked: Recently, since the media published an article, said Wanda debt reached 420 billion (about $61 billion 100 million), is the first negative, this is what. In this regard, Wang Jianlin said: "either don’t know or have an ulterior motive is misleading".

in fact, this is the first time Wang Jianlin Wanda Group’s overall debt response. Previously, the relevant industry sources questioned said that as of the end of the first half of 2015, Wanda Commercial Trust loans, entrusted loans, overseas loans, bonds, development loans and operating loans, the cumulative total of 420 billion 500 million yuan. Among them, the current liabilities of up to 259 billion 700 million yuan (about $37 billion 800 million), which allows Wanda business more dependent on mortgage loans.

but the latest figures, Wanda Commercial from the last half yearly report h before the delisting, the report shows that the first half of 2016, the company’s total assets of 694 billion 700 million yuan (about $101 billion 100 million), total liabilities of about 504 billion 700 million yuan (about $73 billion 500 million). According to the asset liability ratio calculation, the first half of 2016, Wanda Commercial assets and liabilities ratio was 72.6%, unchanged from the first half of 2015.

so, 72.6% of the asset liability ratio at what level in the real estate business operation risk is high or low?? in this regard, unnamed industry sources told the media "Beijing daily" said, for the enterprise asset liability ratio remained relatively reasonable in 50%, and once the asset liability ratio of more than 70% shows that the rate of assets and liabilities by the high risk, but the real estate industry is indeed an exception, more than 70% belong to high risk, and Wanda Commercial and just over the horizon, so Wanda Commercial asset liability ratio is not in the range of very safe, but not too high. The person to come up with another given data show that as of 20>

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