CN domain name new change cancel the ClientHold part of the domain name registration

A5 webmaster network ( news: Recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in the official website released two notice on the CN domain name announcement. Details are as follows:

1: according to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announcement: due to the recent domestic Internet environment has undergone changes in turn the world upside down, take measures to protect the vocabulary is not appropriate to continue the protection, since 2002 in order to safeguard the national interests and public interests, and to.CN. China part of reserved words the necessary protection,.CN and Chinese. At the time of registration to prohibit or restrict the registration of the domain name is now implementing part of open registration.


part of the domain name registration will be divided into three stages, to be open for registration through the establishment of the sunrise phase, landing phase and opening period of three stages, the first stage of registration will open in November 6, 2013. Because it is open registration, in order to ensure that the open process of open, fair, fair, China Internet Network Information Center commissioned by the Beijing Guoxin notary office to open the whole process of registration and supervision notary.

specific rules will be announced at 9 on November 5, 2013. Landing phase will begin in December 23, 2013, the specific regulations will be published in the official website of CNNIC in December 16, 2013 9.

second: CNNIC and.CN in the announcement. Part of the domain name registration open China, then in order to further improve the national quality of the domain name registration service, CNNIC domain name registration on national audit related work optimization, October 30th.CN/.. China company. All the new network domain name registration, will no longer set the "ClientHold" analysis of suspended state.

issued a notice on the CNNIC, and renamed China million net register business also have issued a notice, all in the new registration has been added "ClientHold" analysis of the domain name will be suspended, remove the "ClientHold" state within a week, return to a normal state (by the government department instruction due to illegal purposes except suspended situation analysis the).

at the end of 09 due to network and regulation prohibit individuals registered CN domain name has experienced in recent years trough, market share plummeted last year, re open registration, although it is difficult to return to the tens of millions of market share, but the CN domain name, from the previous record cannot be in DNS, domain name open to CN for personal registration, to now the new national registration domain no longer ClientHold, this a little bit of progress, for CN users will be a big leap. The owners also immersed in the joy, industry analysts pointed out that the provisions of CNNIC just announced the abolition of the state, but did not specify the domain name free analysis, the Ministry of industry and information about domain name to record can resolve the provisions are still valid, therefore, still need to pass the CN domain name record can be resolved to a, IP, or >

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