Nourish Nova Scotia Helps Start Healthy Eating Habits Early

first_imgNourish Nova Scotia has come to the table, and will soon come to the kitchen and the farm field, to help youth across the province learn about the importance of healthy eating. The charitable organization launched today, Nov. 7, and supports breakfast programs at more than 360 schools, thanks to $750,000 in funding from the province. As Nourish grows, it will expand to help create environments that support healthy eating. This could include funding and resources to support other programs, such as edible gardens and cooking skills programs, and food literacy education to teach children where their food comes from. “By giving children the chance to start the day with a healthy breakfast, we’re improving their chances of success at school and into adulthood,” said Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine. “Right now, Nourish Nova Scotia is beginning with a focus on breakfast. I look forward to seeing them grow and expand to other programs. I’m proud that the province is part of their success.” Last May, Halifax West High School student Elizabeth Haikings attended a Nourish Nova Scotia session at her school that explored the marketing and advertising techniques of food companies. “Before this, I took food at face value; if the label said it was healthy, I assumed it to be true,” said Ms. Haikings. “I learned you can’t always believe what you read on a package. “I shared what I learned with my family, and now we all think about this more when we make our food choices.” Nourish Nova Scotia receives $750,000 a year in provincial funding. As a registered charity, it can also accept donations from people, groups and corporations. At today’s launch, Nourish accepted its first major corporate donation, $5,000 from Atlantic Central, the regional trade association that provides leadership, advocacy and support services to credit unions across Atlantic Canada. “On behalf of the 29 credit unions across the province, we are thrilled to partner with Nourish Nova Scotia to support their important work with youth,” said Michael Leonard, president and CEO of Atlantic Central. “As co-operative organizations, we share Nourish’s principles and recognize the value of local actions and the relationship it has to the environmental, economic and social prosperity of Nova Scotia.” For more information on Nourish Nova Scotia, or to donate, visit Helping create Nourish Nova Scotia fulfills a commitment of Thrive!, the province’s plan for a healthier Nova Scotia. Learn more at

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