The report shows that the average Chinese sea Amoy 18 times a year online shopping overseas consumpt

it is estimated that by 2018, China’s sea Amoy number will reach 35 million 600 thousand, the overall market size will exceed $1 trillion mark. Consumption frequency and cost growth, marking the arrival of the era of the sea Amoy universal.


source: Vision China

, who lives in Nanjing, Zhou Yang, a sea Amoy platform in the country on the order of a pair of Stan Smith class Mawei small white shoes. As this year burst, Stan Smith green tail white shoes almost a pair of feet". Love trendy 90 Zhou Yang always wanted to "grass", but was afraid of the streets "hit the shoes".

and Zhou Yang, more and more consumers began to pursue personality and unique, full of fresh elements of the overseas market has become one of their choices. Small snacks, toothpaste, slippers and other furniture daily necessities, large household appliances, luxury bags, people have become increasingly accustomed to the sea amoy".

according to iResearch data show that China’s overseas shopping market potential. From the overall market size, nearly 1 trillion in 2015, accounting for more than the gross domestic product of 1.3%, the average Chinese consumer online shopping overseas for $655 a year. Although the overall growth rate is declining, but the size of the transaction is steadily rising.


cross-border electricity supplier market size data sources: iResearch consulting

outbound travel market size is also on the rise: in 2015 more than 120 million people, the overseas purchasing power of overseas tourists, the perception of overseas goods will stimulate more demand for re purchase. With the convenience of overseas commodity consumption and deepen the degree of awareness, China’s online sea Amoy market potential.


outbound tourist data source: National Bureau of statistics

According to

released the "first half of Chinese ocean pier sea Amoy consumption report" 2016, the latest trend is: China overseas shopping crowd is extended from the big city to the small and medium-sized city, especially the two or three line of the city’s growth is particularly evident. Northward Guangzhou Shenzhen and other first tier cities in the first half of 2016 year on year growth in sea purchase prices rose by 77.57%, second tier cities rose by 84.32%, while the growth rate of the second tier cities is more obvious, reaching 108.65%.


data sources: foreign terminal consumer data and three party open data

33 year old Guiyang white-collar Wangjia, scouring the sea experience less than 2 years, but the purchase of overseas shopping platform on everything from baby milk powder diapers, toys, shoes and clothes to her husband’s belt, including their own cosmetics, clothing and other jewelry, every detail has penetrated into the life of the.

report shows that the main consumer groups in the sea near >

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