Bad mouthing the sound from the continuous electricity supplier platform has

Li Guoqing from the Jingdong but by the end of 2012, to carry the "Bi Sheng" vertical electricity supplier is a false proposition ", in recent years, bad mouthing the sound has been in the business, there are many enterprises have become the development of the martyrs of the electricity supplier industry. The death of a point for the electricity supplier is not strange, however, the electricity supplier to change dynasties behind, frequently staged in operation.

on behalf of the enterprise: every guest

from 3000 people to 300 people in recent years, in the reflection and Lei aged support, staged a drama to start again. 10 days before the April Fool’s day, where the founder and aged CEO spent nearly two hours to make comments about how he carp shirt after emotional tears, said a good shirt is where the customer’s part, he is again a man.

to review a few appearances after the old, have a similar verse". In January 2012, in the old year will speak publicly "mistakes", said the source of frustration encountered last year in the management of "brain fever, making mistakes"; in October 2013, the old media group visit about where the customer is so bureaucratic, assistant to the president with vice president has twenty; last August, aged for the first time "millet conference", where the launch of the transition after the first explosion – shirt. At that time, he said: "I stand here today, let bygones be bygones."

many people support customer, more power from the aged support. Because in the fickleness of the electricity supplier industry, the old brand is almost to him as a treasure. With other people "made to sell" or "do the dead and buried", old paranoid want Eric rebirth.

Phoenix, in the bath after the fire. But for brands, reinvent the cost of how high they are.

replace battlefield

on behalf of enterprises: Music Amoy

got the same investment Lei Jun Lok, is not considered to reinvent the wheel. 2012, Lok CEO Bi Sheng "for Nike, Adidas consciously carry the box has no future, the transformation from the distribution type Lok footwear B2C for its own brand business. But the brand how difficult do, eventually give up its own brand of Bi Sheng Le Amoy, began to explore the customization mode.

according to the Beijing Daily reporter, Bi Sheng joined the C2M customization platform necessary mall in last year, the platform is still in the testing phase, can be customized products to women as a starting point, at the end of this month and next month will have on-line sports equipment, glasses and jewelry customization. According to informed sources, Bi Sheng from the beginning of last year has been studying how to create a flexible supply chain and visit factories around the future hope that this customized platform can cover more areas.

has been opened in the women’s custom, need a pair of shoes in the mall price between 300-500 yuan, consumers can choose the fabric, color, shape, and high with the four elements, customized for a period of 14 days. According to public

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