Morocco’s Speaker of Lower House Condemns Israeli Assault Against Palestinians

Rabat  –  Morocco’s speaker of the House of Representatives Rachid Talbi Alami denounced, on Thursday, the Israeli policy of aggression against the Palestinian people, as well as the killing and destruction of houses and infrastructure.This policy, which has claimed the lives of 50 victims and hundreds of wounded Palestinians, undermines all efforts to achieve a just peace in the region and triggers a devastating war of which the Palestinian people will be the victim, said Talbi Alami at a joint meeting of the committee of foreign affairs, national defense, endowment and Islamic affairs, and Moroccan expatriates at the lower house, and the committee of foreign affairs, borders, occupied zones and national defense at the house of advisers.He also said that the Parliament is committed to making all necessary efforts at the level of continental, international and regional parliamentary organizations, and with all influential countries to expose Israel’s policy of aggression and force it to immediately halt its offensive and respect its commitments related to international legitimacy.

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