Two Moroccan Software Teams Win Big at MIT’s Startup Competition

Rabat – Two Moroccan software development teams  – Deep OR and Ostor Lab – won the second and third place awards and associated cash prizes in the ideas track of MIT’s Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition last week. The organizers announced the awards at the end of a four day conference held on the 14th of April in King Abdullah Economic City in Kuwait, according to the competition’s official website.MIT partnered with the Saudi Arabia-based Community Jameel and the Kuwaiti telecom company Zain Group to host the competition, which brought in 76 teams from 15 different Arab countries to participate in performance-enhancing workshops and mentorship sessions. The organizers received 5,957 entries in the competition, which speaks to the growing entrepreneurship field in the Middle East and North Africa.The competition was divided into three tracks – ideas, startups and social entrepreneurship.Deep OR received the second place award in the ideas track for its software providing data analytics and operations information to help companies and non-profits made swift and educated resource allocations decisions, according to Disrupt Africa, a continental news source.Ostor Lab took third place for developing a cloud-based mobile application that detects virus and software malfunction vulnerabilities in the user’s device.The competition profited other North African teams as well. A Tunisian startup won first place and a USD 50,000 cash prize in the social entrepreneurship track for developing an economic leaf-proof flush that withstands frequent use.Last year, the team of Moroccans heading Screen DY, an easy-to-use software development platform, won a third-place prize worth USD 5,000 in the competition.Another startup from the kingdom, Le Perle de la Mer won the second-place award in the entrepreneurship track for its plans to construct a “purification plant” to ensure the safety and healthiness of Morocco’s fishing products.The Enterprise Forum – Pan Arab aims to promote “MIT-style” innovation in the Middle East and North Africa region. The organization is one of 28 Enterprise Forum chapters promoting similar initiatives.

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