Belgium Hails King Mohammed VI’s ‘Courageous Approach’ to Terrorism

Brussels – Belgium hailed Tuesday the “courageous approach” of HM King Mohammed VI who strongly condemned all forms of terrorism.“The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders hails the speech addressed by King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the Revolution of the King and the People,” the spokesman of the Belgian Foreign Affairs Ministry Didier Vanderhasselt told MAP.“Belgium praises the Sovereign’s courageous approach to condemning all forms of terrorism and jihadism as well as his defense of a tolerant Islam,” the spokesman added. Belgium “intends to continue to actively collaborate with Morocco in the fight against terrorism,” he pointed out.In his speech, the King called on Muslims, Christians and Jews have to close ranks in order to tackle all forms of extremism, hatred and reclusiveness.HM King Mohammed VI also called on Moroccans living abroad to remain firmly committed to their religious values and to their time-honored traditions as they face up to the extremist and terrorist phenomenon which has nothing to do with their culture or background.“I also urge them to maintain their good reputation, to show forbearance in these trying circumstances, to close ranks and to be, as always, staunch advocates of peace, concord and co-existence in their country of residence”, the Sovereign underlined in the speech.With MAP

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