Tencent Jingdong married fast and easy to operate independently in cooperation with the Jingdong dep

rumors in the past half a month later, Tencent shares Jingdong finally settled. Yesterday morning, the Tencent announced, will be $214 million acquisition of 15% of the shares before the listing of Jingdong, the Jingdong in this transaction will be 100% acquisition of Tencent B2C online shopping platform QQ and C2C platform pat Network, as well as the rights of a minority stake in easy fast network and fast and easy to buy the remaining stake in the network, the Tencent President Martin Lau enter the board of directors of the Jingdong. Although Tencent had the most love of the electronic business platform is not as fast and easy as rumors incorporated into the Jingdong, but the two logistics business will be in depth cooperation in the future.

Tencent brothers and sisters:

today, we want to announce a strategic message to everyone: the company has reached a strategic investment and cooperation agreement with the Jingdong, the Tencent will invest in Jingdong, and the physical electricity supplier related business Jingdong ECC’s note lambda, I to become one of the shareholders of Jingdong. Tencent and Jingdong will carry out a comprehensive strategic cooperation, strategic cooperation, jointly write a new chapter in the e-commerce industry.


strategic cooperation involved in the business is very complex, many of the relevant personnel. In order to achieve a smooth transition, I hope all the colleagues in the Department of ECC can closely cooperate with Jingdong, close convergence. We believe that, in the Jingdong and the Tencent based on the complementary advantages of new stage building on all Tencent electricity traders will stand on a higher starting point and larger platform, serve more users, create greater value



we are in a different industry Q crescent, a need to fear the industry, a subversive or subversive industry. In order to win the favor of customers, we need to focus on quality, and adhere to the value of all users in mind; in order not to be undermined, we want to awe; the face of fierce competition in the industry and constantly changing, we need forward thinking, dynamic change of I. This is what we have to embrace the Internet, let us try to connect everything, let the world become better! Pony, Martin& the total of all (Ma Huateng, Liu Chiping and general office of Tencent) March 2014 10Q

everyone Jingdong good!

today, I would like to officially announce a good news for everyone: March 2014 10Q, the company and Tencent reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the Jingdong will acquire the Tencent’s QQ online shopping and pat net 100% interest, and some easy fast network shares, the Tencent will provide WeChat and hand machine QQ client port and other prominent. A key platform for Jingdong support, in addition, the two sides will also in the field of online payment service and cooperation.


compared to competitors, we chose a more difficult path: whether you need to process and business model — goods, quality control, inventory management and other complex, or we need to build a logistics work – after receiving, shelves, scanning, sorting, packaging, distribution and other hard, these have been questioned. But rely on our tireless efforts and long

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