On the map to do the field of life services Taobao focusing on user experience is the key

[Abstract] if you look at life as a commodity, the map is like a Taobao. One of the most important part of the business, how to get the next line of business to get the map up, so that thousands of businesses can rely on the map to rely on the map. The biggest problem lies in the fact that quite a number of users are not accustomed to the use of the map to use life services, map makers need to enhance the use of life in the service provider.


WeChat, Baidu direct number of public business, the Amoy little bit on the next line, it is to provide an online platform for information intermediary role, now so much, the next line of business will face a difficult choice, rather than chasing in concept, they can never keep up with the concept of forward aura, that is the game belongs to BAT.

map manufacturers on the one hand to improve the basic functions of the map, on the one hand, the slow progress in the field of life services. The map makers competitors rarely, Baidu maps, Tencent map, High German map, map map map, the number of competitors industry than the number of mobile social networking, mobile games, mobile video, mobile music, this is the biggest advantage of light is the threshold directly "cut" a part of competitors.

August 28, 2013, Baidu announced in August 30, 2013, permanent free navigation, High German navigation "and" Gao De map "announced free, so far, two domestic manufacturers have the largest map free to users, map charging mode early was abolished, especially for the business location marked marketing and other functions, so that businesses in the free mode map map on more than one export information. Recall that this and the early Taobao model is very much like, free to allow businesses to settle down, but also provide a variety of functions, for businesses, more than a site children, do not use white.

wallet function, improve the payment

now Alipay has become a benchmark in the field of the third party payment, but for Baidu and Tencent, which is another tool that is not their own, money must be put in his pocket to be at ease. Whether it is electricity supplier, or O2O, mobile commerce, payment is an important link, provide a convenient way to pay, can increase user stickiness, to a certain extent, users can also increase the use rate of itself is very beneficial for businesses and manufacturers.

according to my observation, the current Baidu maps, high moral map are set on the mobile phone map wallet area, Tencent map itself basically completely abandon the map of life service function. Users log on to the ID, you can enter the "my wallet" page, which can show my balance, my bank card, my transaction, including cash withdrawal function.

Although there is no relevant Tencent

map of life services, but do not forget, in February 19, 2014, Tencent strategic stake in public comment. Public comment is a life service platform. And the public comment is "my money"

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