Annan hails launch of new publication series on UNs intellectual history

“With the publication of this first volume in the United Nations Intellectual History Project, a significant gap in 20th century scholarship begins to be filled,” the Secretary-General said on Thursday evening at the launch of Ahead of the Curve? UN Ideas and Global Challenges. Urging others to emulate the example of the project’s organizers, Mr. Annan expressed hope that the series “will help raise public awareness about the work of the United Nations.” According to its web page, the project aims to analyze the evolution of key concepts about international economic and social development born or nurtured under UN auspices. The motivations behind these ideas as well as their relevance, influence, and impact will be assessed against the backdrop of the socio-economic situations of individual countries, the global economy, and major international developments. The project is supported by the Governments of Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It has also received contributions from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations as well as the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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