Tencent Baidu settled in Tmall are selling non main commodity

never thought, has always been "yuanguluzhai" Tencent and even "hand in hand" ali.

news broke in March 12th, Tencent opened in Tencent, Tmall official digital flagship store. Coincidentally, how could BAT as the head of the giant Baidu for Ma Huateng and Ma "double combination", Baidu official flagship store in March 13th in Tmall low-key on-line. In fact, the electricity supplier cooperation is nothing new, where customers, Le Feng, Dangdang, shop No. 1, the United States and other electricity providers have already settled in Tmall.

only eternal interests

reporter noted that Tmall and Baidu on the sale of goods are very similar. The Tencent settled Tmall opened the shop, the reporter saw, the flagship store although not all settings, but the red festive shop home page is the name of the upcoming opening of "eye-catching advertising slogan, has launched a series of promotions. It is understood that the Tencent will sell portable WiFi, Penguin doll, the year of the sheep doll and other commodities in Tmall.

Baidu Tmall official flagship store sold products is divided into four parts: intelligent peripherals, including portable WiFi, routing, TV box; intelligent women, including smart skin detector, smart watches, smart fitness, pregnant women; including body fat scales, spinning; intelligent driving, including head up display etc..

In 2014

B2C China scale electricity supplier transactions market share rankings, Tmall to 61.4% market share first, Jingdong ranked second, suning.com ranked third. The data that tomorrow cat has a huge user data, Tmall mall can not shake the flow, it is also the Tencent Baidu and other electricity providers who have to Ali the biggest rival "gestures" reasons. It seems that there is no eternal enemy in business, only eternal interests.

settled in non main business

according to relevant sources, the Tencent, Baidu, Amazon Baotuan settled Tmall, Ma is the largest electricity supplier in order to consolidate its position and make the initiative to invite, Ali hope to achieve integration by the electricity supplier settled in effect.

this, electricity supplier experts Lu Zhenwang said that for Tencent Baidu, the settled Tmall is not a big deal. Tencent’s game social networking business and Baidu’s search business is their main business, Tmall flagship store in the sale of some intelligent hardware, but the chiefs do some value-added services. Baidu hopes to promote this hardware platform through Tmall, in order to gain public trust.

Tencent will not terminate cooperation with Jingdong, like WeChat will not solve the ban on Alibaba, Lu Zhenwang said, Tencent, Baidu settled in Tmall, and will not change the pattern of China’s electricity supplier.

professionals analysis, for Alibaba, whether it is a large shopping malls, supermarkets, or electricity supplier, Tmall settled has reached a relatively saturated state. In the future, Tmall industry may expand to the government of things, people may be replaced by Tmall >

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