Micro business looks very beautiful one thousand people are at a loss

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investment risk has the means of money one thousand people have a loss of

text / reporter Huang Jiangjie

micro business, sounds strange, in fact, I am not far away from you. All those in WeChat, QQ space Shuabing selling skin care products, mouthwash slobber, is actually a derivative. You just start to feel very disgusted, anxious to shield people, but in the course of time eager to finally become a fixture. Micro business is like every day in your ear of the TV ads, you will always think of it when you draw a wallet. In the city of Dongguan factory of the world, nature also occupy a large number of micro business.

micro business profitable? Those engaged in micro business people really like the monthly income of ten thousand? You through the micro business purchases, worth it? Even the day reporter survey, for you to uncover the mystery of the derivative.

three sources:

agents, purchasing, their purchase

Miss edge is a company clerk in Dongguan, engaged in micro business has been almost 4 years, can be described as the industry in the ashes class character. She told reporters that at present do micro business, mostly in the circle of friends and space to do publicity, acquaintances or acquaintances are doing business. There are three main sources, nothing more than agents, purchasing and purchasing.

agent, its role is nothing more than a "salesman", from the source to sell after the take home, make a difference. Miss side said, he is also acting in a number of skin care products, most of them are not well-known domestic products, can not enter the super, micro business is the main sales channels.

and purchasing foreign goods, in fact very early, but in recent years, with the rise of WeChat, WeChat, QQ and moved to the space from the Taobao B2C website. Reporter interviewed a number of people to do the purchasing, they said, by way of WeChat, QQ space to be more easily, because friends easier to build trust, many people are cautious about the choice of purchasing, for fear of fakes.

in the local procurement, in the current micro business, not a few. Work in a cinema Houjie Miss Fang, during the day because of a lot of free time, so often in the town of shoe market Amoy shoes, and put them in the WeChat and QQ space to sell, attracted a lot of students at home. "Houjie shoe factory is everywhere, and I do this to high quality and inexpensive, micro business provides a convenient." Miss Fang said.

is a monthly income of ten thousand yuan

is also losing money at

in many forums have on the micro business recruit agents advertising, a monthly income of ten thousand "was written in a prominent position, attracted a lot of people in the industry, regardless of personal danger. Micro business really can do a monthly income of ten thousand yuan? Reporters found that micro business income is very poor, a monthly income of ten thousand yuan or even a few million fortune, but there are also people earning a few hundred dollars or even lose money.

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