Yemeni Minister says countrys political process on track but assistance needed to

Addressing the Assembly’s annual General Debate Abubaker Al-Qirbi said Yemen made great strides in the implementation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative and its mechanisms and is now turning to the second phase to conclude the work of the comprehensive national dialogue and forge ahead with the process to shape a future. “The outcome of this work will serve as a foundation for establishing a modern new Yemen where democracy, the peaceful transfer of power, the promotion of freedom, justice and partnership and equal opportunities for all citizens prevail,” he said, adding that the country is pressing ahead to enhance security and stability, and is also drafting a new constitution. Yet, Mr. Al-Qirbi said, sustaining the ongoing political progress depends heavily on the support of the international community and enhanced cooperation with its partners. The previously prevailing climate of instability had been a fertile environment for the actions of extremist groups such as Al-Qaida, and Yemen needs to implement a national strategy to combat terrorism. That effort could be accelerated by the fulfilment of pledges from international donors, with whom Yemen is partnering to earmark funds for different aspects of development,” he said. He saluted the youth of his country for their leadership in the process of change to create institutions, enhance and promote freedoms, and build a “new Yemen” where justice, freedom and good governance prevailed.

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